Day 11 (Back to Nairobi)

We are headed back to Nairobi to spend one last night with our host families.  We made a quick stop at the restaurant called Carnivore.  They brought us a lot of meats that I didn’t like, but the crocodile was surprisingly good.  Then we made a stop at a place called Kazuri which is Swahili for "small and beautiful."   This small facility is where ceramic jewelry and other items are handcrafted and painted by a workforce of over 350 women.  With unemployment running from 65% - 90%, one jobholder often ends up providing for an "extended family" of 20 or more.  It is particularly difficult for women to find jobs. Those with little or no education find it virtually impossible.  Lady Susan Wood started Kazuri in 1975 with the social mission of providing work for women at a disadvantage.  Lady Wood was definitely a visionary and an unsung hero of her time.  We bought some gifts to support this facility then headed back home to pack for the next day to return home.  But first, I got to spend one more night with my friends at Mama Joy's house.  We talked and laughed and drank wine.  Joy broke out her baby pictures and showed me her adorable but sometimes embarrassing childhood.  She was a Tommy Hilfiger queen!  I talked to my friends and wished them good luck on their trip to Ol Pejeta Conservancy the next day.  This was bittersweet for me because I really wanted to stay one more day with them and they tried their hardest to make it possible, but I also couldn't wait to get home to my fiance.

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