Day 12 (The End is Near)

My final day.  Peninah wanted to take me to see snakes since she knows how much I love them.  We saw all kinds of cobras and mambas behind the glass of course.  What a cool place!  Then Bill, my driver and someone who has become something of a brother to me, asked the keeper to take a snake out for me to hold.  They brought me an African rock python and he put it around my neck.  Snakes are considered evil here, but I convinced my host mother to touch it.  She squeaked and eeped as she rubbed her fingers down its scaly back, but she overcame her fears and I couldn't be prouder of her.  We went to another animal park and saw more critters and some waterfalls, then headed home.  I said goodbye to Mama Joy and she cried, then took pictures with everyone I have come to know and love.  I will miss them dearly.  I teased Joy some more about taking her home with me; she was a sweetheart.  I said goodbye to my brother Bill and met with Benedict at his work, the airport, one last time.  I gave Peninah a hug and Bill walked me to the end of the line and said one last goodbye to everyone.  Minutes passed and I was there alone waiting to get through airport security but then Joy appeared again to give me one last tight hug, I will miss her.  I can't thank her enough for making everything possible from beginning to end.   

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