Day 3 (Off to Mombasa)

We are headed to Mombasa! I left early in the morning to catch the train, which would turn out to be a long six hours and borderline miserable experience for me. It was very hot and I was sweating the whole time. I could not see any animals from where I was seated, so needless to say I took no photos other than the occasional selfie. The train is cost-effective at only 10.00 USD per person, but not worth it for the amount of discomfort it caused me, so I will definitely be flying next time. 

When I got to Mombasa and reconnected with my friends Jessica and Cricket and we headed to our rental condominium--but first, we stopped at a market to get some supplies and food. We also purchased some bananas and avocados from a street vendor. These avocados were massive, big enough to feed six people! It was surprisingly delicious, even to a native of the American Southwest, where avocados are common fare! 

We arrived at our condo pretty late in the day due to traffic, but were determined to have fun before the day was over, so we headed to the beach! After getting settled, I took my shirt off and headed towards the water. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a very pale complexion, so it was no surprise when I felt the piercing gaze of a hundred people almost immediately. I turned and took a look around. All eyes were on me. Everyone on the shore was fixated on my white skin; hell—even people on boats were looking! I then realized I am probably the whitest person they have ever seen. I would later see photos of me and confirm that it was indeed the case. Compared to my friends, I am definitely a few shades paler. Regardless, I walked confidently into the ocean. HAKUNA MATATA, right?! You know this one, it means no trouble. Also, this was the first time I can remember swimming in the ocean. I'm sure I did it when I was younger but I have no meaningful memories of it. Also, this was the Indian Ocean, so I can check that off my list! It was beautiful and refreshing. My friends’ host mother Elizabeth was standing with her feet in the water and said she can't swim. Determined to make a positive impact in someone life, I firmly held Elizabeth's arm and escorted her out into the ocean. She was trembling but was not backing down. I brought her directly to my friend Crickett, who held her other arm as we taught her how to float. She screamed with joy and had a tremendous smile on her face! She said this is the best she has ever felt, almost weightless as the saltwater made her float. I let go of her arm and gave it to my other friend Jessica. We took lots of photos and enjoyed every minute of our time at the beach, something I hadn’t expected to enjoy as much as I did. The sun had long ago set, so we reluctantly left the beach and headed to our rental home. We ate dinner, talked all night, and swapped photos. Despite the challenging start to my day, the trip keeps getting better!

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