Day 5 (Back to Nairobi)

Off we go, headed back to the train station and then onward to Nairobi again. This was another six hours I was not looking forward to. My allergies were killing me, but I tried to kick it out with Benadryl and lots of water. I was not used to the flora and fauna there, so I was always sneezing.  Peninah had it covered because before we arrived in Nairobi, she had already asked our driver to pick me up some medicine and food.  She is incredible and always on the ball.  After getting back to Nairobi we immediately headed for the Giraffe Center. First things first I found this beautiful lady named Stacey and gave her a big kiss! (Stacey is a Giraffe)  Some people were shocked and others were clearly grossed out, but the saliva of a giraffe is antiseptic so it's relatively safe.  A few minutes later, a wonderful guide named Jane found me standing there photographing birds and ignoring the giraffes.  She approached and talked to me for a bit about my home and the birds we have. I could tell she was a bird lover too. She then said she would take me on a private tour to the bird sanctuary. I didn’t even see that there was one when we entered, so I was very excited to photograph some more birds! I grabbed my friends and we headed out. It turns out the sanctuary was across the street from the giraffe center. We stalked through the preserved forest and found many small colorful finches, but the coolest find was a Hartlaub’s Turaco, a brightly colored bird also known as a plantain-eater. After that, we hit the gift shop to support the conservation center and then headed home for dinner and sleep.

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