Kenya Day 7 - J M Neely Photography

Day 7 (Farming and Agriculture)

I am off to see some plantations. We drove to Eden Farms and I learned how they cut the tea leaves. How they pick the good ones from the bad ones. This area of the country is beautiful—green and lush. I could live here for sure. We stopped at a small rest area and got some of the tea directly from the farm. Then off we went to visit an interesting local woman named Mama Jo. Her property is an almost completely self-sustaining operation. She grows her own fruits, vegetables, and raises her own livestock. She has two rain collectors and a barrel that she uses to pump water from the well. She let me milk her cow, which I got the hang of really quick. Mama Jo really reminded me of my mom for several reasons. Because when I walked into her house she looked at me and pointed to the nice clean tile. I instinctively took off my shoes as I would at my mom's house. She proceeded to feed me more than I could ever hope to put down and all around her house were these rugs, strategically placed to trip me, just like at my mom"s house. Needless to say, I felt at home here. What a beautiful and healthy way to live.

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