Kenya Day 8 - J M Neely Photography

Day 8 (We're Going on a Safari)

We are finally going on a safari! I guess it's worth mentioning that "safari" means "journey" in Swahili.  You know more Swahili than you thought, huh?  So I woke up early to meet up with my friends Jessica and Cricket in Nairobi then we headed to Lake Nakuru National Park. The drive there was halted abruptly with a terrible traffic jam. A jam that was so bad we ended up taking our safari truck off-road and through the bush to get around it. Others saw what we were doing and followed suit. Soon, we had an armada of smaller vehicles running on the terrain that they were never meant for. We even had buses and vans that were risking the sketchy slopes to make it around the jam. This is just the way it is in Africa. 

It took much longer to get to our destination than I had ever imagined, but we eventually did. Nakuru Lake is the single most beautiful place I have ever seen. It is one of a chain of soda lakes in the Rift Valley and also home to the famous Pride Rock that you have seen in The Lion King. Yes, this is a real place. There were also hundreds of thousands of flamingos but we didn't have enough time to get close to them. We only had a few hours of daylight before having to call it a night, but in that time, we found several animals, including black rhinos, white rhinos, giraffe, zebra, impalas, monkeys, lizards and baboons. 

We were incredibly happy to be here and then we saw our lodge, wow what a dream.  I could have stayed here for a week; this has now become my new favorite place on earth! I went out at night and stared at a sky I didn’t entirely know. I could see the southern cross. It was beautiful but the city in the distance was still too close for night photography but man was it pretty. Later that night, I heard cries for help as my friend Jessica was being attacked by wasp/worm looking bugs in her bed. I had just removed one earlier from my bed so I went over to save her from the infestation. Of course, I had to chase her around with bugs in hand as any good friend would. Haha, she was not amused, but I was. It's worth noting that I did not kill any bugs, they were released outside. Another beautiful day has come to an end, it had its ups and downs but ended on a high note.

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