Day 9 (Maasai Mara Bound)

Off to Maasai Mara! We tried to take a "short-cut" to bypass the traffic we expected there to be from our previous day's experience. This took us much longer than expected and it was the bumpiest road known to man, but we did make it. We quickly ate and took off on an evening game drive for three hours. We saw wildebeest by the thousands, lions, and the other usual suspects—but then we saw something rustling in the bushes and someone yelled out “Elephant!” My heart skipped a beat! This is what I came for, my favorite animal in the entire world, and I was about to lay eyes on it for the first time in the wild. I had prepared for this for a long time, for this exact situation, for this exact photo. My vision was about to play out! I heard the snapping of branches as a big beautiful female elephant burst out of the trees with her ears waving out as she entered into the grasslands. I snapped every photo I could get with a big smile on my face. My heart was racing! I had achieved the shot I wanted within minutes of being here, and then something even more amazing happened! A baby elephant, maybe three weeks old, came popping out of the forest just like her mom. She was beautiful in every sense of the word. Overjoyed and with the sun fading, we headed back to our lodge for dinner. Then I grabbed our safari guide Joseph and we headed out to see the night sky. This time my friend came with and I got to show them the "other" love of my life, the Milky Way. Some Maasai folks showed up to see what we were all about and I showed them what I had photographed. They were awestruck at what the camera could see. Another amazing day with the most wonderful friends I could ever have.   Oh yeah!  There were tons of spider in my tent and my windows had what looked like blood on them.  No problem, the covers will protect me.  Right?!

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